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“Transformational Leadership Requires Mastery.
I Can Guide You”

– Karen Benoy

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Are You Ready For 1:1 Coaching?

  • Do you make 7 figures but still feel bored, lost, stuck, and unfulfilled?
  • Imposter syndrome! Enough said…
  • Are you an executive either concerned with company retention or experiencing a mass exodus?
  • Do you want to positively impact the culture in your organization, family, and life?
  • Are you ready to get uncomfortable, go inward, and experience a radical transformation?
  • You recognize that the cost of being inauthentic is greater than the journey to authenticity

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“The authentic self is guided by your inner sage:
there is a simplicity to that.”

– Karen Benoy

Find Your Inner Sage With Karen Benoy

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The 1:1 Coaching Process

  • Head over to the About page
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What It Takes to Transform With 1:1 Coaching

  • Commitment to honesty, inner work, and overcoming fear
  • Financial investment in yourself
  • You want to live an authentic life that is aligned with your values—from your career to your personal relationships
  • You want to build a rockstar team for your organization or business
  • You are ready to be transparent with yourself and others
  • You want to enjoy what you have now and yet, leave a lasting legacy—time is precious
  • You are ready to invest emotionally, physically, and socially in your authentic expression
  • You recognize that your life is a choice

“The biggest difference in growth potential comes down
to awareness of conscious choice.”

-Karen Benoy

Are You Ready to Consciously Choose Success?

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“When I started working with Karen, I expected to come out with some tools and tips related to prioritization and decisiveness. What I left with was a life-altering change of perspective based on a challenging and intense analysis of my personal principles and values. With her kind and empathetic coaching style, Karen helped me find the root cause of many of the professional (and personal) challenges I have faced and helped me develop an approach to addressing these that I most likely would not have found on my own. Thanks to Karen, not only am I now equipped to manage the challenges I currently face, but I also have great confidence in my ability to face and adapt to any new challenges based on the foundational understanding of my own values that Karen has helped me recognize and articulate.”

James Dutczakv

“The bTrue™ Values process opened up significant learning for me which led to possibilities that I had not previously considered. The depth of this process and the personal, transformational work that it spurs are unique to any other tool that I have encountered in my more than 20 years of experience in this space. The outcome of this work for me led to clarity in aligning the next step in my work with values that truly are at the core of who I am. That clarity is like a beacon that keeps my actions aligned and decision-making easier. In times like we have recently experienced, when everything seems to be up in the air, this clarity is a gift that anchors me every day regardless of what is going on around me. If you are looking for that clarity in your work or personal life, I recommend you give yourself the gift of time and internal work with the bTrue™ Values assessment.”

Jackie S.

“Karen is a gifted leadership, business, and life coach. As a part of our coaching relationship, she introduced me to her tool, bTrue™ Values Assessment… Through the process, Karen invited me into the challenge of truly seeking to understand what I’m holding on to because of past experiences and who I truly am and how to more authentically show up in that way. I feel like another level of myself has been unlocked that I can put into play in all areas of my life.”

Wendy R.

“Karen has helped me in my awareness of aligning my business practice with my values and passion. As a result of Karen’s techniques, I am more purposeful in celebrating my strengths and my voice for the benefit of my clients. I now have a greater appreciation for my journey and the pursuit of my purpose. If you are looking for a catalyst to awaken the true authentic coach within you, I recommend Karen’s tools and coaching.”

Victor B.

“Karen is an exceptional and intuitive coach! With her values work, I am now able to make business and heart-centered decisions that are congruent with my values.”

Socary R.

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If you loved 1:1 coaching and want to help others transform, learn how to become a coach-like leader, apply transformational leadership coaching techniques at work, and bring Karen Benoy to an organization.

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