It’s because you aren’t aligned. Don’t believe me?

It starts the moment you wake up.

You’re disciplined. Regimented. You’ve worked hard to achieve the success you have. You put in the time, the sweat, the sacrifice. All the ingredients “they” said you needed to succeed.

You take care of your mind and body. Go to the gym. Eat clean. You try to manage your stress. Bottom line: You make healthy choices, You’re trying to create and live the best possible life.

You’ve read every productivity book on the shelf, “brain-hacking” your way from progress to perfection.

“4-Hour Workweek” “Tools of the Titans” “Start with Why”

With each book, you learned something new, something valuable, and it worked! Until they didn’t. They helped you to solve some problems but not THE problem.

That nagging feeling that something is still missing. Something is still just slightly off.

You ask yourself, “if everything I’m doing is ‘right,’ why do I still feel ‘wrong’?”

Why do you wake up feeling disconnected and strangely incomplete?

I call this the “ICK Factor.” Inner Conflict of Knowing

It’s where fear and truth collide. And once they do, the ICK Factor can take over. It slowly creeps into your life. Drains your sense of achievement and success. Leads you to question and doubt what you’ve created. It makes you wonder if you’ve made the right choices. If you’re truly living the best possible life. If you’ll ever really find happiness, purpose and fulfillment.

What? You think you’re fearless…

Then why are you not fulfilled?

You can find happiness, purpose, and fulfillment … but the answers aren’t out there.

The bTrue™ Method is a process that empowers you to break through the barriers of fear-based values, so you can freely and consciously create a life based on your most authentic core values.   

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Who do you coach?

Everyone (not anyone)

What is your favorite area to coach?

My favorite clients are ones in career transition. The values work is critical when making tough decisions that should be aligned with highest truths.

What are your top values?

The organization’s core values are exceptionalism, truth and synergy. Exceptionalism – because, it makes no sense to be anything less than our highest potential. Truth – because, in order to be exceptional, we must honor what is non-negotiable. And synergy – because, as we are all already one, why not work together to create cohesion. It’s simplicity at it’s best.

When will the bTrue™ Certification Program be available for coaches?

We are building the curriculum now and will be submitting the approval for ICF CCEUs. We are hoping to roll out the first enrollment opportunity by early 2021. Applications are being accepted now.