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Dear One,

While the word acceptance has several connotations, there exist a ubiquitous fear behind many of them. Whether referring to a sense of belonging, receiving or taking responsibility for something, there is an underlying theme tied to worthiness.  In the absence of acceptance is the fear of being worthless. If you don’t belong you feel worthless. If you don’t receive what someone offers it is deemed worthless. And if you are unable to take responsibility for something, there is zero worth in the ownership of it.  

Now, let’s consider how we release the fear-based alignment to acceptance and move into the Truth-based alignment.  

Acceptance in its highest level of consciousness means zero judgment.  To accept means to unconditionally love, to surrender. Do not mistake this with acquiescence, as that would be giving up or sacrificing. And in true acceptance there is nothing to give up or sacrifice.

So, how can you build your awareness of this fear-based mindset and the egoic feeling of not being worthy or not taking something of worth.  

More importantly, how can you catalyze from Truth, in that you, all others, all things and all experiences are worthy just as they are? How can you accept yourself and others, just as they are, unconditionally?

Much Love,

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