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Dear One,

Courage is a funny word. You’ve likely thought it to be synonymous with the word bravery, often envisioning the likes of the greatest warriors, armed with shield and weaponry, ready for the fight. Do you remember the Cowardly Lion searching for courage with his other loyal lost comrades. He learned along their yellow brick journey that courage means acting in the face of fear and facing one’s fears head on. Little did he know that he’d always been courageous all along, but it wasn’t until he shifted his mindset that he felt it truly inside. 

So when you think you must be brave, consider what you perceive to be the threat and ask yourself how real is it? More often, it’s your ego mind trying to protect you, thus donning your armor. But if you look more closely, what you may fear most is merely not being “good enough”, either from self-criticism or from others perceived judgment of you. Having the guts to be yourself, trusting that you always already are good enough, is true courage. 

Think about it. How could you be any different than you already are in this given moment?

Much love,

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